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We believe Artificial intelligence is transforming the media industry and impacting everything from content creation to consumer experience. Our vision is to develop an Artificial Intelligence that understands content creation to deliver it like a human does.

For TV & Broadcast

Sensible TV

SensibleTV empowers everyone with true natural language for searching, finding and consuming TV programs, VOD contents and additional services via a single interface. SensibleTV works standalone or with vocal assistants like Google’s, Amazon Alexa, etc. to help telecom operators, content providers and device OEMs design and monetize products that their customers have been waiting for.

For Legal & Insurance

Sagesse Data

Sagesse Data enables smart interactions in natural language with organization data and documents (accounting, legal, sales, etc.). Large organizations use Sagesse Data to search, connect and analyze their and/or public data (text, numeric, mathematic, geographic) from/to any web, mobile or machine-to-machine application. Sagesse Data creates insights from existing information, empowerment among users/customers and unprecedented value out of any data. With 100% GDPR-compliance.

For Cinema & video production

Sagesse Studio

Sagesse AI Studio is a software solution that makes your movie, your video production and your live diffusion intelligent. As an all-in-one hardware and software solution, it is capable of automating your production pipeline. Featuring video analysis algorithms for real-time speech and text recognition, people identification and scene segmentation in video productions, Sagesse Data implements everything required for cameras and ligths controls.

For Press & Marketing

Sagesse AI CMS

Sagesse CMS is the content management system of the 2020’s. Based on the concept of core virtualization and leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms dedicated to publishing, it brings media managers unmatched productivity, flexibility and user engagement benefits. Because it is built on rock-solid secured foundations, Sagesse CMS can be hosted on any cloud, private or public. Whatever your infrastructure, whatever your audience or readership demographics.

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