Sensible TV is the “True” natural language solution for searching, finding ans consuming TV programs, VOD contents and additional services

SensibleTV empowers everyone with true natural language for consuming TV programs, VOD contents and additional services via a single interface.

It works standalone or with vocal assistants like Google’s, Amazon Alexa, etc. to help telecom operators, content providers and device OEMs design and monetize products that their customers have been waiting for.

For end users, SensibleTV is the ultimate experience

Sensible TV aggregates TV programs, VOD catalogs and all kinds of services via a single interface that really understands people the way they speak. It is faster, friendlier, context aware and enriched with more data (sports, people, science…). It does not require an “always-listening” device and guarantees total, absolute privacy.

For service/content providers and OEMs, SensibleTV is the ultimate revenue maker

Sensible TV protects your entire value chain, from user and content data to integration and operational management. Contrary to classic vocal assistant systems, SensibleTV is fully customizable in UI and functionalities, runs entirely on your networks and connects contents and additional services with context. Included: the first AI-based recommendation system that actually matches people’s preferences, for even more revenues.

Changing the game

Based on LEXISTEMS’® technology, SensibleTV processes user queries by meaning instead of plain keywords. In different languages. Without wake words or complex formulations. In front of the TV, that translates into results, full customer satisfaction and conversion.

Internally, SensibleTV is powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing algorithms. It uses open data standards and implements multi-level security. In other words: performance, extensibility and scalability.

Time is of the essence. That is why SensibleTV fits into any existing product or service in just a few lines of simple, extensively documented code.

To help your company take the ultimate lead on its markets. Today.

Sensible TV with or without vocal assistant systems

SensibleTV can work together with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other systems. It can also be integrated directly into hardware devices, software applications and online services as a standalone solution – for maximum customer ROI.

In the standalone scenario, SensibleTV adds significant benefits:

  • Easier service monetization
  • No capture of any user or contents data
  • Runs 100% on private servers or operators networks for full operational management
  • Connects directly with data and other components within target products
  • No wake words or interference with other vocal systems
  • More languages supported
  • 100% customizable in the applicative, contents, graphical and security dimensions.

Ask yourself the right questions…

Data is the asset of the 21st century. Data and user experience is where the value is. When choosing between using SensibleTV on top of a vocal assistant system or as a standalone solution, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

Can I guarantee my end users’ experience and privacy?

Do I keep sole control of the data or am I obligated to share it with other tiers?

Do I keep sole control of the operations? Do I have to rely on foreign clouds and regulations?

Is the chosen solution a differentiator on my markets?

Can I customize the solution to better monetize my other assets (VOD catalogs and other services)?

Sensible TV’s AI-based recommendations

“Another user saw the same movie as you and after that they watched/bought this so that’s our suggestion”. Have you ever been satisfied with the recommendations you usually get from TV or VOD services (or even the most famous marketplaces)?

Instead of just crossing lists, SensibleTV’s innovative AI algorithms system weigh and combine fine-grained users viewing preferences and deep contents features with extensive community data to propose recommendations that just deliver on the promise.

That’s a winner for everyone: users can consume contents *and* services they will like. Providers get ROI on the entire surface of their catalogs, with the ability to push or promote parts of it as ley like at any time.

Why Sensible TV’s recommandations just make sense…

Extensive community data – SensibleTV comes loaded with tens of thousands of reviews and normalized ratings from a wide variety of local and international sources. These can be aggregated to yours (with adjustable weights) to form a rich database of information available to the recommendation system for first-level ranking or to the end user when they browse listings by themselves.

Deep analysis of programs and services features – SensibleTV works at the deepest level to correlate contents and services characteristics to individual users’ tastes. These ‘characteristics’ go way beyond public metadata and include a wealth of LEXISTEMS proprietary data.

Fine-grained users habits and preferences – That’s SensibleTV’s recommender most important factor. Users habits, preferences and consumption history profiles build up day after day (in full anonymity and strict accordance with privacy regulations) to allow the system to target results for individual users and provide recommendations that transform into action.

Contextual and global – SensibleTV’s recommendations can follow a precise question (“I want to watch a recent cop show with New-York City action”), or a more general query (“List good actions movies this weekend”), or just derive from a request for suggestions (“What do you recommend for kids under 10 who like dogs”). In every case, the balance between context-related and context-independent recommendations is adjustable, the latter allowing for new contents and services discovery (aka “nice surprise”).

Fully customizable results – In addition to being good, SensibleTV’s recommendations are also fully customizable, at any time, temporarily or permanently. On the service side – in order to promote contents, run specials, etc. And on the users side – to let them adjust results to their preferences based on types of programs, hours of the day, cast, topics, ratings and ratings origin, hours… (no limit here).

Skills compatible – SensibleTV’s recommender is also designed to weigh in features extracted from relevant skills (either from third-party systems or from LEXISTEMS’ forthcoming SensibleSkills® platform).

Sensible TV’s benefits

For end users

Sensible TV is the end user’s ultimate TV/VOD experience for many reasons. It is fast and reliable. It combines better language understanding (remember, meaning vs keywords), complete context awareness and multi-language support on the same device.

It is friendlier and more intuitive than solutions requiring wake words and formulations. Last but not least, it is the *only* solution that guarantees total, absolute privacy.

For operators & services providers

Intelligent vocal access to contents and services plus total data privacy remains the #1 demand from end users. SensibleTV is the only one to deliver.

With SensibleTV, adding the most advanced language interface to your products and services is a no-brainer. It’s easy, it’s fast, it brings in lots of added-value features. And it guarantees complete control of your business assets, roadmap and revenues.

For TV / STBs OEMs

In today’s digital world, regardless of the quality of your electronics, the added-value tends to shift towards software and data. As end users take hardware for granted, software becomes the market differentiator while customer data is a prerequisite for competitive survival.

In this regard, Sensible TV is a critical asset for margin protection, whereas simple vocal assistant adoption gradually minimizes differences between hardware vendors. Designed to be integrated into existing devices, Sensible TV is already available in a number of products targeting different local markets.

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