Sagesse Divine – The solution that really *understands* your data. In several languages.

What is Sagesse Divine ?

Sagesse Data enables smart interactions, in natural language, with any knowledge base, business and/or public, by speech or text.

Sagesse Divine – Business Mission

Sagesse Data understands your data, in several languages. It learns as you use it. It adapts to new data and business processes as you create them. With 100% GDPR-compliance.

Sagesse Divine – Business Uses

Large organizations use Sagesse Data to search, connect and analyze their and/or public data (text, numeric, mathematic, geographic) from/to any web, mobile or machine-to-machine application.

Sagesse Divine – Business Benefits

Sagesse Divine creates insights from existing information, empowerment among users/customers and unprecedented value out of any data.

Sagesse Divine is NLP

How Sagesse Divine turns your data

into a profit center


Whatever the application,

a Sagesse Divine solution

creates value out of your data.


Whatever the targeted users (human or digital), Sagesse Divine makes your data easier than ever to consume.


Your data grow, evolve or change along with your activities. Sagesse Divine

adapts without any disruption.


With Sagesse Divine, your data become available everywhere,

by speech or text.


Sagesse Divine keeps your data in your datastores, using only a vectorized version in locked containers through http2.

Sagesse box: AI all-in-one solution for your datas

High performance computing

High storage capacity

Sagesse Data pre-installed and configured

AI developper team surpport

Build for dedicated private cloud

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