We create Sagesse CMS, the content management system of the 2020’s

No coding skills required, automatic features improvement and A.I ready

Sagesse CMS is the content management system of the 2020’s. Based on the concept of core virtualization and leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms dedicated to publishing, it brings media managers unmatched productivity, flexibility and user engagement benefits.

Because it is built on rock-solid secured foundations, Sagesse CMS can be hosted on any cloud,  private or public. Whatever your infrastructure, whatever your audience or readership demographics, any content website (including complex/adaptive HTML,  images, audio, video…) created with Sagesse CMS renders perfectly from desktop to mobile.

Sagesse CMS addresses professional CMS needs. It can be used for:


Sagesse CMS benefits:

Automatic functions improvement

Intuitive Editing


Mobile AND desktop optimized

Custom templates


Ad-block resistant

A.I Ready

Coding freedom

Automatic features improvement

Sagesse CMS is the first CMS based on the concept of core virtualization. Every time our team improves or develops new features, they become available to you too. Everything is mutualized for your own benefit. Which does not prevent you to implement custom features.

Security at its best

From SSL transport to very strong database encryption, Sagesse CMS natively includes *all* of today’s security features relevant to content and data, and will continue to do so tomorrow. These 360° provisions work with you to protect your assets very efficiently, and don’t interfere with your ideas or deadlines.

Mobile optimized & responsive.

Powered by Sagesse CMS, you website looks perfect on any device, whatever the OS, browser or screen size. Of course, Sagesse CMS’ media manager optimizes your videos and images to support the most engaging responsive layouts.

The readers touch

Sagesse CMS can generate automatic newsletters for you to keep in close touch with your readership. What used to take hours new just takes seconds. The whole process is assisted, RGPD-compliant and the visual quality of the newsletters is guaranteed to match that of your webpages.

Leverage contributions

Sagesse CMS includes the privilege system you need to have contributors enrich your website, wherever they are in the world. Unlike with most other CMSes, it’s a no-nonsense process that suits all conceivable corporate requirements: allow, revoque, temporarily or permanently, as easy as 1-2-3.

Custom templates

No time to create templates that would exactly fit your needs? No problem, the designers team at The Sagesse company is here to help. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Create forms, surveys and collect data

Create forms and surveys in a few easy steps without any design or code necessary. Form builders and advanced backend functionalities will help you collect and monetize data.easier than ever before.

The social media factor

Factorize your readership and awareness with automatic social features. Depending on the options you choose, publishing a page means it is also being published, forwarded, announced or tweeted about on your preferred social networks. That’s just another productivity / efficiency features of Sagesse CMS.

A rich roadmap

In the making for delivery within 12 months are:


Automatic content (video or text) publication (AI-powered)


Multilingual search by meaning


Intelligent text-to-speech


Vocal / AI assistants connectors for smart vocal search with text-to-speech


Automated website internationalisation and localization


Live video diffusion with automatic facial recognition and audio-to-text transcription.

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